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Vintage Style

It doesn’t matter how high-brow a person may be, mention pop tarts, twinkies, ho-hos, etc., and excitement alights! Even if we deny it, deep down we all want a twinkie. It crosses all barriers. I truly believe that if we sat around a table together filled with these delightful treats, we could solve the world’s problems (or at least take a break from them for awhile). 

Like blue jeans and Saturday morning cartoons, we are the real deal.

Baking has always been my happy place. For as long as I can remember it has been what I did to “de-stress”, clear my mind and, if I’m being honest, when I wanted to procrastinate for a bit (which happened often). Nothing makes me happier than making delicious treats for my family, and now, most especially for my grandkids. 

a love for baking

 I think providing comfort and nostalgia is the primary job of a Grandma. A Grandma’s house should be the safest place there is, filled with unconditional love and stability. The memories I have of my own Grandmother include the warmest of hugs and the yummiest of treats. It made me feel special. I couldn’t wait to get to her house to find out what surprises were waiting with each visit. That’s what I love to do for my family and hope to do for you.  

why grandma b's?

I love all things mini! I just think there is something delightful about small treats. They make me smile and I hope they make you smile too.   

mini treats? yes, please.

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